Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may find below some of the most frequent questions. If your question is not answered, do not hesitate to contact me.

What ist special about your services?

My extensive experience in teaching, my business background, and my ability to convey complex economic situations.

What are your prefered teaching methods?

Anything that is engaging, like case studies, exercises and business simulations.

Which types of clients have you recently worked for?

Mostly for technically-oriented companies, and medium or large-sized companies. Also for providers in the fields of professional development.

How do you individualize your seminars?

Through preliminary discussions with human resource managers and by sending a pre-training questionnaire.

How do you ensure the lastings effects of your trainings?

With supplementary materials of the topic, and by making myself available for further questions for up to three months after the event (only electronically).

What materials do you make available to the participants?

Transcripts, slides and the results of in-class work, the latter mostly via download or photo sharing.

Do you run seminars in different languages?

I am pleased to offer my services in German and English.

How long have you been leading trainings and seminars?

I have been a full-time business coach for well over 25 years.

What can we expect to pay as your fee?

The average daily rates of the industrial sector. In professional education a discount is possible if there are a lot of hours and long-term contracting.

How can we get a quote?

Via the contact form. We will get in touch with you to create a customized, no-obligation quote.