Business Management Training and more

In business operations, many elements are interrelated. Therefore we have to focus on the essential particulars of your company. You can choose from the following packages:


  • Foundations of Finance
  • Process Training: Investing - Purchasing - Financing - Manufacturing
  • Cost Management and Pricing
  • Seminars for Selected Groups of Employees, such as Finance for Non Finance, for technical specialists and managers or: Basics of Business Administration, for head secretaries and management assistants

European Business Competence Licence (EBC*L)


The EBC*L provides core knowledge in business management. You will receive a certificate recognized within Europe after an exam at an accredited test centre. Preparation classes for EBC*L can be booked for Levels A - B.

Finance Planning
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Advanced Training: Experience and manage business processes using business games

Find and manage business processes! You take over as the executive of financial or sales management. In a short time you will "grasp" how to lead a company. 

Business Simulation Factory
Business Simulation Factory

In cooperation with BTI Business Training International we are pleased to offer Factory and Global Strategy. 

Factory focuses not only on basic business operations but on the effective management of all important company departments like purchase, production and selling. 

Global Strategy is a competetive business simulation used to impart economical know-how and entrepreneurial solutions. 

Just a little bit more: Global Strategy let you run a bigger international enterprise. See the consequences of your strategic decisions and apply important tools such as SWOT-Analysis and Balanced-Score-Card.

Business Simulation Global Strategy
Business Simulation Global Strategy

Learning content of all the simulations are business core topics: Understanding and analyzing annual reports, purchasing, production planning, store and distribution management. Calculate your Key Performance Indicators and experience different scenarios. Please ask for branch-specific simulations, e. g. for logistics or hotel industry.


In-House Trainings

Each company has its own special issues and often has unique business processes. Communicating this to the entire company may be essential for success.

Do you need a coach who can take over your already established company-wide training program at a specific location? Take advantage of my many years of experience for the implementation of standardized trainings in German or English. For example, recently the following training topics were requested:

  • Faster Attention of working capital in the aviation industry
  • Understanding how to use new cost accounting systems in automotive supply industry
  • Using results of monthly and quarterly reports in team leadership

Business Workshop

Best Practice: Business Planning

We often accompany start-up-companies in order to plan and improve their businesses. Main topics: Businessplans as a selling document, financial issues such as financial perspectives and tax issues. See just one successful example here.


Business Lecture
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Regularly open seminars are being held for further training providers. One example is the successful tool-orientied training program Business Managerin cooperation with the company ATV in Munich.

Or customised for the needs of medium sized companies in collaboration with the Management Academy zielneun.

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Business Administration is abstract. This is a common idea, but in everyday operations, it's helpful and concrete. The focus of our work is the practical, intuitive implementation of the tools you need to succeed. See for yourself. Request an individualized offer!