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Increasing Turnover

Money does not buy happiness...

but it helps! You may ask yourself: Aren't we talk about the tired topics of money and business? Running a company is becoming increasingly complex, and obviously there is a need for practical business management.

Individualized Business Management

Managerial issues play only a minor role in many University and professional training programs. Because of this, many specialists, executives and business owners often lack certain managerial knowledge. And the time to brush up is not easy to find. Thus choose a training that is tailored to your needs.

Joachim Herting, Coach for Business Management

Joachim Herting

You are an executive, team leader or business owner? Are you working in an mostly internal environment? Would be fine to get to know each other.

You can rely on my more than twenty years of experience training management trainees, executives and specialists, mostly "non-financials", often in IT and technical oriented companies. Every content will be presented through company case studies, via storytelling and board games. Sometimes, however, we will approach content in the traditional way: in seminars and workshops.

Whether in individual coaching or seminar, the approach is always the same: First we look at the options, then choose the topic and adapt the content to suit your needs. Interested? Send me a short message.

Solution is Money


Is it all about money?

And what about profits, turnovers and earnings...?

Often, my task is to clear some of the fog obscuring the variety of terms in business. And that can only be good for the understanding of your company results.

But to avoid any misunderstanding: At the end of the day Cash (Flow) matters! 



Topic of the month: Time value of money

A dollar tomorrow is always worth as much as a dollar tomorrow? Is that right? Watch the following video presenting the idea that the value of Cash depends on the time it occurs. 

Time therefore matters, for investments and financing decisions and a lot of other areas!  But what discount rate to choose in apparently interest-free times? Visit us again next month to understand more deeply the role of internal discount rates.

Training Programs

Below you may find some examples for trainings sessions having been successfully executed for many years. Please find more information on the following pages. 

Annual Report
CAPEX Capital Expenditure

Understanding Financial Statements

The major financial statements, based on EU- or US-Legislation - Recognising revenue and profit - Measuring liquidity and profitability using common (or your) financial ratios

2 days, inhouse, in English

Finance for non-Financial Managers

Relevance and behaviour of costs - From contribution margins to profits - Calculating the full costs - Managerial versus Financial accounting - Valuation possibilities such as Capex and Opex and their consequences - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

2 -3 days, inhouse, in English

Berlin Potsdam Place




The sessions can be booked in the form of an open seminar, scheduled at June and July in Berlin.

Please contact us for further information.